Financial Planning for NRIs | SlideShare

As a Non Resident Indian, you are entitled to a multitude of options that can set your finances on the path of long term security. Living in another country and acclimatising with a foreign culture can be difficult for most people. The truth is, compared to the promise of a better life and eventual prosperity…

Kredxionary Basis Point

#Kredxionary – Basis Point

Basis Point – A basis point is one one-hundredth of a percentage point. Any changes in the interest rate, exchange rate and bond yields are often described in terms of basis points. Eg: If the interest rate moves from 3.15% to 3.35%, it has risen by 20 basis points.

The 5 Secrets Of Highly Successful Investors

The 5 Secrets Of Highly Successful Investors

Investing wisely and successfully is no easy feat. It is something that requires consistent time, learning and effort. But have you ever wondered what separates the most successful of investors from the rest? If there’s something we can take from the pages of accomplished investors, it is their little investment mantras that have worked for…