Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

Steps need to be taken to avoid Debit card fraud. Here are a few steps that can help Fraud is a modern day problem that plagues most people who depend on technological tools for financial transactions. One such financial tool that is susceptible to malfeasance by cyber criminals is the debit card. The modern day…

KredX is now ISO 27001:2013 certified!

Announcement: KredX Is Now ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Digital security is paramount in the business world because of the growing dependence on technology that the world has gone through. Information management becomes a task that has much importance for sustainable customer retention in today’s age. In today’s day and age where businesses often struggle to meet industry standards, certifications that vouch for standard…

Understanding your KredX Financial Account Statement

Understanding Your KredX Financial Statement

We know how hard it can be to keep track of the numerous statements you receive month on month.All those different monthly financial statements, all those different formats and worse still, no two financial statements are identical. This is exactly what we wanted to help with; to help you understand your KredX Financial Statement so that reading it is a breeze! Here we explain the key elements of your financial statement and present it in a more simplified manner.