Why Are Virtual CFOs Important KredX

Why Are Virtual CFOs Important

Virtual CFOs are gaining a lot of traction among new companies that are prioritizing cost cutting. Here are the reasons why you should try them; Technological development has always felt right at home in comparison with the double edged sword analogy. As the world progresses and takes valuable strides forward, jobs will be created as…

Ways for Startups to Attract VCs KredX

Right Way to Attract VC funding

VC funding can be the right push that delivers your startup in the direction of lucrative profits. Here are a few realistic ways with which VC funding can be attracted by startups. Choosing the right funding is important for a startup. This is a perilous step that can hold many dangers in the long term…

Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

Steps need to be taken to avoid Debit card fraud. Here are a few steps that can help Fraud is a modern day problem that plagues most people who depend on technological tools for financial transactions. One such financial tool that is susceptible to malfeasance by cyber criminals is the debit card. The modern day…

Benefits of deflation KredX

How Deflation Can Favour The Economy

Deflation is popularly seen as the sign of a decaying economy. This is because in a deflationary economic system demand for goods and services are on the decline. Subsequently, the market forces end up decreasing the prices of goods and services in a bid to satisfy the elusive quantity of demand. More than an economic…

The Railway Clerk Who Rescues Children From A Life Of Begging And Stealing

The Railway Clerk Who Rescues Children From A Life Of Begging And Stealing

It’s no mean task; to rescue and rehabilitate children who’ve had a bad start in life. And that is exactly what Sarath Babu, a former railway clerk at the Nellore station does through his organisation, CHILD Ashram. Some of the rescued children have grown up to become scientists, police officers and professors while the 120 children at his organisation lovingly call him “Daddy” because he believed in them when no one else did. Such is the power of guidance and love!

How KredX Mitigates Risk For Its Investors

How KredX Mitigates Risk For Its Investors

As India’s first invoice discounting marketplace, we are often asked how KredX minimises the risk to investors. We’re here to tell you just that. We’ll also break down the risk mitigation process we follow here to give our investors a worry-free investment experience with high returns in a short turnaround time. To ensure that the investor is never affected, we minimize the risk involved at multiple levels through a stringent Risk mitigation process.

Are short term investments really benefiting you?

Are Short Term Investments Really Benefiting You?

Short term investments are usually sidelined when compared with long term investments. In a conventional sense, any investment for a tenure lesser than 1 year is considered to be a short term investment. People often associate short term investments with high risk but that needn’t always be the case. You need to make informed decisions when it comes to investments; be it long term or short term.