Why You Should Consider Investing In Gold ETFs

Why You Should Consider Investing In Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds that are a representation of the market value of physical gold. They can be traded in and sold like the stocks of a company. Investing in them simply means that you own gold in an electronic form. This monetary mechanism exclusively deals in gold prices and can be manipulated through a demat account. If you sell a Gold ETF stock, your payment would come in the market value of gold. Here are the reasons why Gold ETF could be a good investment.

Why Gold ETFs Might Be A Good Investment


No Price Disparity

Trading with Gold ETF guarantees that there will be no price disparity in prices throughout India. This factor negates many disadvantages of owning actual gold as price points vary across regions. The lack of price disparity makes them a very stable investment option that will let you be aware of a uniform market price. This, in turn, leads to a very transparent market awareness for most investors about the direction gold prices will eventually take, making the choices of buying and selling more informed. Gold ETFs are a very safe way of investing your money.

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The Problems With Physical Gold

Gold in its physical form is a very valuable commodity. Especially in a country such as India, where so much social status is accorded to it. The problems arise when you consider the cost of storing it in a manner that will give you peace of mind. Traditionally, considered to be a valuable commodity, possession of actual gold is a way to risk-proof your future because of its consistent value appreciation. From a pure investment perspective, Gold ETFs are a better option than physical gold. This is because, gold investments can help make a very diversified portfolio, with tangible profit margins.

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Tax Benefits

The income earned from Gold ETFs are considered to be tax efficient. This is because any profits made are considered to be long-term capital gains. Besides this, availing these ETFs can make you privy to multiple tax benefits like no VAT, no sales tax, no wealth tax etc. The Gold ETF system is structured in a way that makes sure, you, the consumer is protected to the maximum and is also eligible for a lot of perks.

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The Value of Gold

If the funds you own in Gold ETF exceeds a certain number, it is even possible to convert your Gold ETF into physical gold. Granted, this is not a common feature with all Gold ETF funds, it is still wonderful to have the flexibility of options available in this regard. Moreover, gold is considered to be a safe haven investment that loses its value when the global market is stable and inversely, gains value when the markets are inconsistent. This trend makes Gold ETFs the perfect all weather investment tool that is sure to cultivate a lot of profits if used the right way.

Gold ETFs, alongside the alternative investment instrument offered by KredX, is a healthy way to diversify your portfolio and ensure stability. Because of the relevance that gold holds for the Indian economy at large, this investment mechanism will always retain a significant sense of criticality as a profit-making system. Gold ETFs, almost resembling a mutual fund stock option is a novel and easy way to make your mark in the investment category.

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